LayerGloss HQ

Lab 6

Postbus 3322

1001 AC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Visit us at:

A Lab, Lab 6

Overhoeksplein 2,

1031 KS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Registered at Amsterdam Chamber

of Commerce (KvK): 55298516



Career at layergloss 

Technical Product Manager

LayerGloss is looking for a technical product manager to lead our development team from a product and process perspective.

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Lead web developer

LayerGloss is looking for a lead web developer to take charge of the App Creator.

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Full web stack developer (Bc/MSc) Internship

LayerGloss is looking for a lean & mean full web stack developer (Bc / MSc) college or university student to support the development department. 

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Android developer (Bc/MSc) Internship

LayerGloss is looking for an Android developer (Bc / MSc) intern to support our development department. 

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MBO/HBO (SEO) Link builder Internship

LayerGloss is op zoek naar een MBO of HBO stagiair linkbuilder ter ondersteuning van de commerciële afdeling. 

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Internship (SEO) Link builder

LayerGloss is currently searching for an intern Link Builder. 

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