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Wondereur is unique Canadian art publication. Each week, they unveil a story, building a photo essay around a new contemporary artist. Their app combines powerful stories with beautiful, award-winning photography. 

For art to have its full effect, the team behind Wonderer believes you need get up close and personal with both the art and the artist. You need to engage with the people who create such interesting works. That's more difficult than it sounds. In the real world, white-walled galleries and big-name art fairs are hard for most of us to access. In the online world, websites that market art like shoes or posters are hard to love.

At Wondereur, they respect artists and their contribution to society, but avoid snobbish attitudes and elitism. There’s no art speak or hard sell here. Just a chance to get to know people making art and an opportunity to buy their work.


The Wondereur app won a Gold medal for the Best Tablet App during the prestigious Canadian Online Publishing Awards in 2012. The app was designed and published by Wondereur using the LayerGloss Platform. The app is available for iPad, iPhone and is also published as a web app (HTML5)